Golden Visa Overhaul Paves the Way for a Bright Future in Ras Al Khaimah

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Golden VISA

Exciting developments are underway in the UAE with updates to the Golden Visa program offering a warm embrace to potential property investors.

Farewell to Minimum Down Payments

In a move that echoes innovation and inclusivity, the UAE bids farewell to the Dh1 million minimum down payment requirement. This transformative shift is designed to welcome a diverse range of residents and investors, making the prospect of establishing roots in RAK even more inviting.

The focus now shifts to the property’s value – a welcome departure set to allow more people to join the ranks of UAE residents looking to plant roots in a stable, safe and prosperous environment.

Streamlined Golden Visa Criteria: Simplicity Meets Opportunity

Here’s where it gets even better. Securing that coveted Golden Visa has become a breeze with a property valued at Dh2 million or more, regardless of its completion status.

Property purchases, whether off-plan, mortgaged, or unencumbered, the process is now as smooth as your favourite jazz tune. The criteria have been revamped, embracing a more open approach, and breaking free from the conventional mould.

A Call to Diverse Talent

Attention professionals in healthcare, media, IT, and beyond – the Golden Visa is not exclusive to the realm of property investment. If your monthly salary exceeds Dh30,000, you’re in! RAK is casting a wide net, inviting skilled individuals from various professional backgrounds to be a part of its vibrant community.

Entrepreneurs, RAK is Your Playground: Innovation Takes Center Stage

Entrepreneurs, get ready to applaud! If your economic project leans towards the technical or futuristic side and boasts a risk-taking spirit, RAK wants to be your partner. 

The reward? A five-year Golden Visa awaits, contingent on an approval letter from your auditor affirming your project’s value of Dh500,000 or more. Innovation and risk have never been more appealing!

Outstanding Talents, Students, and Heroes: VIP Treatment Awaits

RAK extends a special welcome to outstanding talents, brilliant students, and real-life heroes. Doctors, scientists, artists, and sports champions can now secure a 10-year Golden Visa to continue their invaluable contributions.

Exceptional students achieving enviable grades are offered a five or ten-year golden ticket, while the heroes who stood firm during crises like COVID-19 receive a heartfelt acknowledgment through the Golden Visa.

It’s More Than a Visa, It’s a Warm Welcome!

In summary, RAK’s Golden Visa is not merely a residency permit; it symbolizes an open invitation to dreamers, achievers, and everyone in between. With these transformative updates, RAK is radiating warmth, inclusivity, and a genuine invitation to those looking to make this emirate their home. Here’s to a golden future in Ras Al Khaimah!

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