Sell or Rent your Property with Paragon Properties

Considering selling or leasing your property?

When considering selling or leasing your property, it is essential to work with a reputable company that will look after your asset and has your best interests at heart.

This is why it is always advisable to conduct your own homework prior to selecting a real estate

company to list your property with.

At Paragon Properties our specialized agents pride themselves on being community experts and will conduct a full market analysis and property evaluation with you prior to listing your property.

When selling or leasing your property, ask the right questions

  • How long have you worked in the community? Most of the time agents will make promises that are unachievable, promising you a price that is way above the market value in order to gain a listing. Agents who know the area or building, have usually been there for a few years and will be able to give you an accurate price as they will know which properties are currently on the market and previous transaction prices for the area. One easy way to check if an agent specializes in a community is to check their social media, or search them on the property portals and see what listings they currently have in the community. 
  • How many properties have you leased or sold/leased in the community/building? Agents who specialize in a community would have recently sold/leased in the community/building. They will know exactly how many units they have transacted on and be well aware of the current market value for your property. 
  • Do you know my property? A specialist agent will know exactly which unit you have. 
    • Property type 
    • Layout 
    • Number of rooms
    • Direction it faces
    • View
    • Amenities in the building/community ie pool, gym, spa, security, parks, cycling and running track, etc
    • Surrounding facilities ie schools, shops, gyms, hospitals, malls, golf courses, restaurants, etc
    • Major access points to highways and distance to areas of importance ie airport, downtown, the beach, etc
  • What is the current market value for my property? A good agent should be able to give you a fair assessment of your property in relation to the current transactions that have occurred within your building/community and similar surrounding buildings and communities. (Depending on upgrades you might have done to the property, this assessment might need to be adjusted)
  • How long will it take to sell my property? Depending on the agreed price, a property that is priced correctly should sell within 3 – 6 weeks. Working with a community specialist gives you the edge as he/she will already have clients looking to purchase within the community. He will also be working with other agents in the community that have clients looking.
  • How long will it take to rent my property? Depending on whether it is brand new, your beloved home or a previously tenanted unit, you should be aware of when the property will be handed over by the developer or when it will be vacant. In the event that the property is brand new, a general rule of thumb is once you have completed the snagging processes it will take around 1 month for the developer to hand it over. This is the time to get hold of an estate agent to start marketing the property. For tenanted units, you should be in touch with your tenant 3 months prior to the lease expiring, to negotiate a new rental amount. In the event the tenant opts to vacate the property once the lease expires, you should arrange with them (at their convenience) a viewing schedule. Generally, this should start 1 month before the lease expires, at the same time you should have your trusted agent start to market the property. This allows you to have an agreement in place with a new tenant and the property will not be left standing vacant for a long period of time.

Get to know who your agent is, it is always advised to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your agent. This builds trust and reassurance that your asset is in good hands. 

Why List with Paragon Properties?

World-class team

Driven by success, Paragon Properties is headed by 2 undeniably successful owners. Both successful in property in their own right, these 2 South African born business-minded individuals have come together to build a company that prides itself on honor and integrity. 

Whether you are selling or leasing, our agents have been through a rigorous training program and know every aspect of the sales and leasing process. You can rest assured that the leasing or sale of your property will be a smooth one. 

All our agents are community experts within their specific areas and are knowledgeable about every aspect of the community. 

We value our client’s privacy and know that your time is valuable, therefore a background check is completed on every client prior to arranging a viewing. 


  • Property Portals – There are 2 main property portals in Ras Al Khaimah, Property Finder, and Bayut. Paragon Properties markets on both these portals and have trained our agents to achieve the highest possible ranking, ensuring your property is displayed as high up as possible. 
  • Social Media – The power of social media cannot be mistaken, our marketing team constantly posts across all platforms to ensure that your property gets the maximum exposure. 
  • Sign boards – Never underestimate the power of a sign board. Constantly there are people going in and out of a community, whether it is to see friends and family or to pick up/drop off something at someone’s house. 
  • Photography – Showcasing your property in its best light is the name of the game. Our world-class photographer will ensure that your property looks specular from every angle. 


Our community expert will give you a complete breakdown of the current market within your community. He/she will analyze the current market trends and prices and give you a detailed synopsis of what is achievable.

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